Troop 119 builds the changing room at the South Trailhead

The changing room is almost done. The Boy Scouts of Troop 119 were on hand in full force on Saturday to do the next phase of construction on the room. With the help of 20 or so volunteers, they were able to get the majority of the work done. Only benches, additional paneling and painting remains. Thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Andrew Tucker, the Scouts and their chaperones for coming out to help. This room is a much needed facility for our cycling community.   While the major portions of the change room were being built, Mark Richman, Frank Gable, Peter  Spatafora, Jim Boman, BrianRead More →

The developement of the BUMP Biking Complex took another step on Sunday, March 29. Volunteers showed up to start construction on our bike wash. It has a little bit of work left but should be done very soon. Thanks to all who showed up and pitched in. This is a much needed facilities upgrade and one that will minimize oil runoff into the nearby creek. It really looks great.   It went well except for the freak accident of driving a 2 foot long rebar stake into a unknown 3/4 inch PVC pipe that fed an old water fountain where are future changing room now sits. Read More →