IT's ALIVE !!! Bump N Grind XX 2014 Volunteer We 

Hi !

My name is Bounce (David Baltscheit) and I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for our amazing fundraiser, the BUMP N Grind XX. Let's make 2014 a smooth and fun year for the Racers that come from across the U.S. to compete in this event.

If you haven't signed up before for, it's super easy and thanks in advance for your much needed support.

Bump N Grind XX  2014   Omnium (of the 4th dimension) !!!!

Mountain Bike Racing at its best at Oak Mountain State Park; help support your trails and the Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers - we build and maintain for generations to come. 

Volunteers, We Need You!
Volunteers are an integral part of the Bump N Grind. Without them, it would be impossible to host a race in a way each rider has come to expect. In fact, we are ALL volunteers! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Our Appreciation:

  • Free park entry for those who sign up by May 25
  • Invitation to our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (Eat, drink, and be merry! Maybe meet the Pros, too!)
  • All Volunteers will receive free beverages during their shift, and lunch will be provided for those who work all day and/or a 3-4 hour morning shift.
  • All volunteers who work at least 8 hours (and have signed up by May 15th) will receive an event T-shirt in their size.
  • Volunteers may also receive a discount voucher for the merchandise tent.

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Rivon Smith
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