WTT - 07 Epic Expert for something with more trave

Getting back in the saddle after a few years' hiatus.  A little fatter, a little slower...looking to move from the speed platform to something with a little more cush.  Would like to trade my 100mm epic for a (near) equivalent stumpy or similar at ~140mm(ish)...in the AM range, not DH.  Could work in some $$ for a slight differential either way, but not really looking for an "upgrade"...just more travel on a solid platform.

The epic has definitely been ridden, but has been well loved and maintained and functions great.  Major overhaul at the beginning of this season included fork and shock rebuild, along with all new pivot bearings.  Can get into details if there's anyone with some interest out there with a ballpark trade.

Let me know via email or text @seven-oh-six 225-nine6four0

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Sorry for the bump.  Wanted to add that I'd also be interested in a frame/frameset trade in lieu of a full bike swap.
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