Updated Tannehill Map

Tannehill is up to 7.11 miles of singletrack and another 4.5 miles of doubletrack. It is worth the trip out there! The new stuff is spectacular! Fast.........Flowey......Fun! I will be riding Friday afternoon if anyone wants a guided tour.

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 I'm interested. What time? I'm off so anytime that's not too early is good. Haven't ridden in a month or so. 

May be suffering from a mild case of burnout, so something strange might reignite the spark. 

What about it Henry. Interested?


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 It's awesome T 

Youll enjoy it a lot 

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Sorry man, I have been away from the forum. I am headed out to the park now. I should be out there for a while. You can catch up with me at tannehill.trail@gmail.com 



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