The new skinny bridge

Replacing the bridges on the lower part of the Red Trail has been an on-going process for about a year. Each time we have replaced or removed a bridge, we tried to make the trail a little more interesting. On Aug 7, about 15 BUMP volunteers made a significant change to the bridge right before you reach the BMX track. This bridge had a history of washing out and the area was showing signs of bad erosion. In keeping with out Build, Preserve, Ride, Maintain mission, we not only re-routed the trail to a new, better draining location, but went one step further and createdRead More →

The developement of the BUMP Biking Complex took another step on Sunday, March 29. Volunteers showed up to start construction on our bike wash. It has a little bit of work left but should be done very soon. Thanks to all who showed up and pitched in. This is a much needed facilities upgrade and one that will minimize oil runoff into the nearby creek. It really looks great.   It went well except for the freak accident of driving a 2 foot long rebar stake into a unknown 3/4 inch PVC pipe that fed an old water fountain where are future changing room now sits. Read More →