How do we stop cut-arounds and cheat lines on the trail? This has been an issue as long as we have had trails. Cut-arounds can occur for a number of reasons, people want to avoid an obstacle that they do not feel confident riding, fallen trees/debris blocking the trail, or drainage issues. These issues can be resolved; make designated alternate routes around obstacles as recommended by IMBA, report fallen trees/debris and drainage issues to the local trail care crew, take part in trail maintenance days to address issues you have seen on the trail. However, recent cheat lines seem to be more about riding fastRead More →

Amendment 2 on the November 8th ballot will protect Alabama State Parks’ Funding. Please vote yes on this very important Amendment. The ALParks Partners is working to blanket the state with an advertising campaign to make people aware of what the amendment means for the parks. Please consider making a small donation to help make sure we get the word out to everyone. You can make your donations at www.vote2protectparks.comRead More →