Conrad Stoltz has been a regular top competitor

This past weekend, Xterra staged their 5th annual South East Cup Championship race at Oak Mountain. The past participants of this off-road triathlon have had many positive things to say about Oak Mountain’s Red Trail. With BUMP’s recent additions to the system, it garnered even more love from some of the Xterra community’s top performers. Four time Bump N Grind champ and now two time Xterra South East champ Shonny Vanlandingham posted her opinion on her Facebook page. This marks the third time the women’s pro BNG winner has gone on to win the Xterra championship. Xterra’s other superstars also had many positive things to say about our course. South Africa’s Conrad Stoltz, who is a 3 time Xterra world champ raved about the new addition and how it suited his mindboggling fast style. Check out more at 3 time Xterrra World Champion Melanie McQuaid offered up some good things about our course in an interview with


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