Ironworks Century 2010

Ironworks Century 2010

It’s not often you’ll get a bunch of mountain bikers to trade in the knobbies for skinny tires and asphalt. It may be even stranger for a mountain biking club to be jumping in to the roadieworld alltogether. When you throw in the reason for riding is to build more trails at a great location, sometimes the knobbies will get a rest. This was the case for the inaugural Ironworks Century Ride at Tannehill Historic Ironworks State Park. Nearly 200 cyclists descended upon one of Alabama’s best outdoor recreation locations to partake in the variable distance road ride through five counties.

Race organizers Doug Daughhetee and Ben¬†Chuang did a fantastic job in getting the word out, recruiting volunteers and doing all the paperwork. The result was a wildly successful event on a absolutely perfect day for riding the back roads of central Alabama.¬† Bike Link and Cahaba Cycles we’re on hand to support the ride. Bob Sykes BBQ served up some delicious post ride food. Each volunteer who helped at a rest stop or with registration can’t be thanked enough.

The funds raised will ultimately be used to continue BUMP’s work started in November of 2009 to build the 11-12 miles of singletrack. Given this success of this year’s event, future incarnations are almost assured.

Thanks to all who came out to make it a success.

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