Oak Mountain: Bigger, Better, Longer

Horse Bridge Installed

Oak Mountain: Bigger, Better, Longer

Volunteers install a temporary bridge across a creek

Three years of hard work finally came to a tangible result this past weekend as we completed the new lake trail extension singletrack. It took a lot of work from a lot of dedicated volunteers but the end result is a spectacular addition to an already great trail. It was a gorgeous weekend; one that would typically be spent riding. Not to lose focus, we had an amazing volunteer turnout. The goal of 2 miles in 2 days was achieved in near record time. 70 people on Saturday, 40 on Sunday. Wow!!! The result? A single loop that is 20 miles long and could get longer!!!!! Cahaba Cycles was on hand to provide some cool swag, Chik-fil-a set us up sandwiches and easily the most addictive brownies ever and Oak Mountain State Park made 4 lucky souls happy with free annual park passes.

You heard it right. Oak Mountain is now over 20 miles of mountain bike trails. The newest addition takes you over to an area of the park previously unvisited except by the occasional horse rider or lost hiker. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of twists and turns with the occasional obstacle thrown in. We’re not sure what to call it officially just yet. Names like Stump Jump, Richman’s Way, and Spanky’s Revenge are all being considered. Regardless, it’s a fun new addition rideable to all levels. Get out and ride it. It’s calling you!

There are many people to thank but the first one should go out to Mark Richman for being one of the main driving forces behind getting the project off the ground. We need to thank Bill Johnson and Frank Gable for doing much of the mapping. Jim Boman has been a regular between work weekends helping Shelby County employees speed up the process.  If you helped at any point in the process, give yourself a hand. We should all be proud of the effort and enjoy the results. We still have some work to do, but every mountain biker who rides the trails has you to thank.

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