Big Work Weekend.. A lot done!

Troop 119 builds the changing room at the South Trailhead

Big Work Weekend.. A lot done!

The changing room is almost done. The Boy Scouts of Troop 119 were on hand in full force on Saturday to do the next phase of construction on the room. With the help of 20 or so volunteers, they were able to get the majority of the work done. Only benches, additional paneling and painting remains. Thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Andrew Tucker, the Scouts and their chaperones for coming out to help. This room is a much needed facility for our cycling community.

Troop 119 builds the South Trailhead changing room.
The finished changing room


While the major portions of the change room were being built, Mark Richman, Frank Gable, Peter  Spatafora, Jim Boman, Brian Moran, Mark Muro, Mickie Powell and others tackled a few trouble spots along Seven Bridges. The were able to break up some puddle and mud pits and armored a section that was beginning to be a major erosion problem.

On Sunday, despite the persistent rain, the scouts showed up again to put on the roof, sidepaneling and bike rack. Terry Glenn, Mitch Moses, Mark Richman, Corbin Camp and new comer Scott Elliot all pitched in to help. After roughly 20 hours of work over the weekend, the structure is nearly complete.

Meanwhile, Lee Neal, Jim Boman, Andrew Moses and new comer Rick Nelson installed a water-line for our new bike wash. It was muddy and nasty but we now have a very nice bike wash capable of holding 3 bikes.

Yes, we had to use the lightsaber

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