Here's Joanie!!


The main task for the weekend was getting the footings for our changing room dug and staked. Mark Muro, Nick C, Doug Daughhetee, Mark Richman, Josh Dyer, Mitch Moses Chip Whitley and several others (please send us your names) spent the better part of the morning doing the prep work for the April 4th construction of our changing room. The changing room is a much needed addition to the trailhead. It will give bikers a covered two room, private area to change clothes before and after rides and not require a hike over to the restrooms. The Boy Scouts have generously volunteered to do the full construction. 

Stacey Davis, Mickie Powell and new member Kim McAdory spent time organizing the shed. You may not recognize it after all the new shelving in place and the lack of junk. Jim Boman added the final improvement with a wall-mounted bottle opener.

Up on Quarry Road, Brian Moran, Jim Boman, Monty Morris and Terry Glenn did an outstanding job rerouting some water running over Blood Rock. They also armoured the ground near the bottom and top. Frank Gable, Pete Spatafora and Corbin Camp built some berms, new rock structures and root armour mid-way down the section. Be cautious coming down the road on your next ride.

Later in the afternoon, many went out for a loop in the near perfect weather. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped out. It’s your hard work that keeps Oak Mountain’s bike trails a place we all enjoy.

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